To request a refill of your pets medication(s) please contact us directly.  Your pet’s health is very important to us, therefore we do not refill medications that have been faxed to us by pharmacies until we receive an update directly from you.  You may contact us either by phone or e-mail.

Phone: (508) 921-1018



Veterinary Neurology and Pain Management will no longer process orders for medications or preventives sent directly to us from online suppliers. Clients who order through online suppliers will need to pick up a written prescription for those medications to provide to the online supplier directly.

As our clients you have entrusted us with your pets medical care. We know your pets medical history, our doctors and staff are vested in providing the best care to your pet. By directly authorizing medication from an online retailer, we are giving our approval of that particular medication from that particular online retailer as safe and appropriate. We cannot guarantee that a non-accredited online supplier will act in the best interest of your pet, our patient. Our doctors need to know that medications you receive are the exact medication they are prescribing in the proper dosage and that those medications were stored and shipped as mandated by the manufacturer.