Laser Therapy

Therapeutic Laser Treatments Relieve Pet Pain & Inflammation

VNAP offers therapeutic laser treatment to address inflammation, chronic conditions, and acute pain. This treatment can be used to treat injuries, a variety of wounds, skin problems, and even fractures during the healing process.

How the Therapeutic Laser Works

Therapeutic laser treatments are fast and painless. It is a non-invasive modality that can be used as an alternative to, or in coordination with, drug therapy. It is thought to stimulate the body to heal on its own, a positive and comforting approach to pain management and overall wellness in pets that are chronically ill, suffering from trauma, or experiencing age-related concerns.

Therapeutic laser is also referred to as cold laser because there is no burning or thermal effect upon application. The laser projects photons of light that are absorbed by the cells, stimulating them to a higher rate of metabolism. This stimulation increases circulation to reduce inflammation, increase healing, and provide relief from pain.

Treatments to deep tissue are brief, each lasting only about five or ten minutes. Often we see overall patient improvement after only a few sessions, with immediate relief from inflammation lasting up to 24 hours.

Pain Relief

Pain relief is critical to optimum recuperation and healing after surgery or injury. The therapeutic laser is one option we use in pain management and rehabilitation programs.

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