We offer consultations by appointment and emergency/walk-in  at the hospital and via phone/email for your family veterinarians.


Neurological cases

Typically, new neurologic consultations take about an hour.  Dr. Kube consults on all types of cases as the primary consult for a problem that appears to be neurological.  Since Dr. Kube is a specialist, she requires that you have a family veterinarian to follow up with regarding treatment of other problems, vaccines, and a lot of times, maintenance of the neurologic problem under her guidance.

Neurologic problems that Dr. Kube consults on includes seizure disorders, abnormal behaviors, balance problems, trouble walking, disk disease, brain tumors, spinal cord tumors, nerve and muscle problems, and in general, any other problem affecting the brain, spinal cord, nerves or muscles.


Pain management 

Pain consultations can be made for any pet with acute (new) or chronic (old) pain.  Dr. Kube is happy to see cases that have just had a surgery or a trauma to cases that have “arthritis” and have been in pain for years.  She is also happy to see cases that have “undiagnosed” pain and help figure out what the cause of the pain is.  Dr. Kube is integrative and may recommend traditional pain medication, rehabilitation, LASER or acupuncture (not done at VNAP).  She is also happy to consider any treatment options that you would like to discuss and  any evidence supporting different treatments as well point out when there may only be anecdotal “evidence”!



Rehabilitation consults can also be made for any pet with orthopedic, soft tissue or neurologic problems, as well as for fitness in pets.  Cases such as cruciate tears (no surgery), cruciate repairs, FHOs, fracture repairs, shoulder problems, arthritis, muscle tears and sprains,  abnormal gaits, disk disease (with or without surgery), pain and many other cases can benefit from the multiple modalities that VNAP has to offer – from manual therapies, therapeutic exercises, LASER and underwater treadmill.

*Due to the length of time involved in the treatment recommendations for all of these consultations – if any treatment are required the same day, we may need you to leave your pet for several hours or the entire day.  This will be discussed with you at the time of your consultation. 


For veterinarians

Dr. Kube is happy to provide phone/email consultations for veterinarians.