About Stephanie Kube, DVM, DACVIM

Dr. Kube graduated from Colorado State University with her DVM in 2000. She then completed a small animal rotating internship at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital and a Neurosurgery Internship at the University of Georgia. She went on to complete her Neurology/Neurosurgery Residency at UC Davis and became a Diplomate of ACVIM (Neurology) in 2005. If you are in need of a veterinary specialist in Massachusetts, please call us at 508-921-1018 to schedule a consultation.

What is GME? Veterinary neurologists explain.

GME  (granulomatous meningo-encephalomyelitis) is a fancy name in medical terminology for a kind of inflammation affecting the brain, the spinal cord and the meninges (the covering of the spinal cord and brain).  The classic patient is a middle-aged, small breed dog of either sex - however, all ages and breeds can be affected.  What kind of neurological [...]

What is a CCRT?

There are a lucky few of you that have already met someone with these initials behind their name. Let me tell you what they mean! CCRT stands for Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist. These initials are awarded to veterinarians and physical therapist after they sit for 120 hours of continuing education followed by a 40 hour [...]

What is MRI?

There are always a lot of questions about MRI vs. CT. These two imaging modalities are very different. CT is a better modality for bone and lungs. CT is great for finding small fractures and identifying pulmonary disease. CT uses x-rays to obtain images. MRI is the gold standard for imaging soft tissues, and therefore, [...]

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is in Massachusetts!!!

You might ask yourselves why a veterinary neurologist/pain specialist decided to bring hyperbaric medicine (HBOT) to Massachusetts. I first started considering this treatment modality years ago when I became frustrated with the lack of treatments for the many neurologic diseases I see. So many of the diseases we attribute to vascular problems that we never [...]

Should my pet see a Veterinary Neurologist?

When should I take my pet to see a veterinary Neurologist? I am often asked this question by my friends, family, neighbors and a good number of people I meet when they find out what I do! Often, people are generally surprised that there is more to veterinary care than vaccines and itchy skin!   [...]

Blood work services!

“Why should I do bloodwork on my pet, when I know I need a different test?” This is a common question I hear from very educated clients. They come into my office with their pet that has an obvious neurologic problem, i.e. can’t walk! They know they need an MRI – they referred to a [...]

Welcome to Our Blog!

Within this feature of our new website, we will be providing you with news of our veterinary practice and general information about animal rehabilitation, MRI, neurology services, and more. If you are in need of a veterinary specialist in Massachusetts, call us at 508-921-1018 or click here to schedule a consultation. Please check back often [...]

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