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Should my pet see a Veterinary Neurologist?

When should I take my pet to see a veterinary Neurologist?

I am often asked this question by my friends, family, neighbors and a good number of people I meet when they find out what I do! Often, people are generally surprised that there is more to veterinary care than vaccines and itchy skin!


Most of […]

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Blood work services!

“Why should I do bloodwork on my pet, when I know I need a different test?”

This is a common question I hear from very educated clients. They come into my office with their pet that has an obvious neurologic problem, i.e. can’t walk! They know they need an MRI – they referred to a […]

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We are excited to announce that as of July 12th, we will begin our re-opening process. Though many of our services will remain curbside to avoid congestion in our lobby, we will begin to allow in person visits for appointments. Please call the office for further details.

Thank you.